Introduction to Vishwas

The rapid growth in the tractor industry has led to a high demand for tractors, both new and old. The entry of a large number of domestic and International players has made the new tractor business very competitive, though the used tractor business continues to be unorganized and is controlled by brokers and local mechanics.
Mahindra Vishwas is a division of Mahindra Tractors that deals in the used tractor segment. Mahindra is the first large company to have set its foot in this business with an aim to give the used tractor buyer all the facilities that a new tractor buyer gets. 

The used tractor customer has to deal with a lot of anxieties in his mind while buying the used tractor which can be as follows:

  1. Source: The person from whom he is buying the used tractor. Unlike the case of new tractors, which are bought from authorized dealerships of reputed companies, used tractors are bought from and sold to brokers who may not be reliable.
  2. The right price: The customer is unsure of the right price to be paid for the tractor. This is where a first time buyer often gets cheated as he has no one to guide him on the price he should pay for the used tractor.
  3. History of the tractor: The customer is not aware of the history of the tractor he is buying. The tractor could have been involved in an accident case or theft case.  In many cases the papers of the tractors are also forged to make the tractor saleable.
  4. Condition of the tractor: While the tractor is refurbished to make it look good from the outside, the customer has no idea of the condition on the inside. While the customer expects to take home a good tractor, he may find later that the tractor fails to deliver on his expectation leading to a great loss in the field and commercially as well.
  5. Warranty: Currently no player in the used tractor business offers warranty. The cost of any damage to the tractor after the purchase has to be borne by the customer himself.   
  6. Availability of finance: A customer buying a used tractor has to make his own arrangements for finance options. In many cases the customers are not able to buy tractors because they are not able to arrange for their own finance.

These fears or anxieties get taken care of when the customer approached Mahindra Vishwas. After coming to Mahindra Vishwas he can buy a good reliable used tractor with complete faith and trust and experience a “Peace of mind” and great satisfaction.
Here is how Mahindra Vishwas makes it all happen:

  1. All Mahindra Vishwas dealers are authorized by Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd to deal in used tractors. All the dealerships have a complete sales and service facility with Company trained mechanics and well trained salesmen.
  2. The customer will be given a tractor which has a clear history with the authentic documents so the customer does not have to worry about it later.
  3. The tractor is evaluated according to a comprehensive 81- point check list which means that every tractor is thoroughly checked before delivery to the customer. All Original and important documents will be given to the customer at the time of delivery.
  4. Certified Tractors: Each tractor is certified by a Company Engineer and awarded a star rating which signifies the condition of the tractor.
  5. The tractor carries a Warranty for 1 Year/6 months/ 3 months depending on its age. (Conditions apply)

Easy finance through tie-ups with Banks and Non- Banking Finance Companies: Mahindra Vishwas has tie up with multiple Finance Companies and banks thus giving the customer access to a wide variety of finance options.

Therefore by coming to Mahindra Vishwas a customer gets Transparency, Trust, and Peace of Mind free

Along with a good reliable Tractor.

Note: The contents of this manual are subject to change and revision without prior notice.

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